Significance Of Travertine Restoration

Travertine is a sedimentary stone that is formed in and around fresh water hot springs. Its formation takes place when calcium carbonate (calcite) is deposited by water and compressed over time to a solid structure. Travertine, in its natural state, has holes and channels from where water and hot gases usually escape during the formation. Most often, these holes are ‘filled’ during fabrication process with resin (like epoxy) products to form an even, flat surface. It is advisable to avoid filling the travertine holes with cementeous grout because cement grout would get dirty in no time! Continue reading

Advantages of Using Floor Steam Cleaner Machines

A floor steam cleaner is certainly one of the most effective cleaning machines available today for tackling hard surface cleaning. What many people do not realize is that inside many hotels that are truly clean and well maintained is an arsenal of steam cleaning equipment. The truth is that hotels using various steam cleaning units in different ways will not only keep hotels clean, but can also sanitize if the right features and technologies are included. These products do not rely on any harsh chemical products to get their cleaning done. In other words, behind every good hotel is an arsenal of steam cleaning machines for tackling different cleaning jobs. Continue reading

Marble tile information and cleaning

Marble tiles have been widely used for years and are a natural stone found in the earth. Development of marble takes many years and is subjected to high temperatures and pressure whilst in the earth and the materials fossilise and become crystallise, this is what gives marble such variety of colours and beautiful shades, as the minerals present crystallise, the colour develops. Continue reading

Five Suggested Tips for Cleaning Tile Grout

There are many different types of tiles such as granite, ceramic, marble and slate. With the vast array of materials, patterns and styles, there are tiles available to fit everyone’s taste. Continue reading

Marble Cleaning Tips For Maintaining Marble Tiles

Marble is a superb mineral that varies from most other stones since it is extremely absorbent. Marble allows grime and marks to set in and preserve far more easily than impenetrable stones. Being a delicate mineral marble cannot withstand rather harsh cleaning process especially with using heavy detergents and acids. Continue reading